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Be Still - Psalm 46:10 Inspirational Soy Candle

Be Still - Psalm 46:10 Inspirational Soy Candle

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Embrace tranquility and divine presence with our 'Be Still' soy candle. Crafted to enrich your moments of reflection, this candle infuses your space with the serene reminder of Psalm 46:10, 'Be Still and know that I am God.' Each flicker of the flame invites a peaceful pause in your day, a chance to breathe deeply and rest in the assurance of faith.

Hand-poured with love, our soy candle not only illuminates your home but also wraps you in a blanket of comfort with its gentle, clean burn. Perfect for your quiet time, prayer corner, or as a heartfelt gift, this candle is a beacon of calm in the hustle and bustle of life. Light it up, sip on your favorite coffee, and let the stillness speak to your soul.

-Size: 2.8″ × 3.5" (7.1cm × 8.9cm)
-Select from five different calming scents
-Note: All scent variations come in the same elegant wax hue
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