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Coffee With My Father

"Floral Faith" Watercolor 11oz Ceramic Mug

"Floral Faith" Watercolor 11oz Ceramic Mug

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Wrap your hands around a garden of tranquility with our "Floral Faith" mug.

This delightful 11oz ceramic mug is a bloom of inspiration, featuring a vibrant watercolor band of wildflowers encircling its base, leading your thoughts to the serene beauty of nature. Emblazoned with the scriptural reminder to "Consider how the wild flowers grow -Luke 12:27" on one side, it offers a moment to reflect on growth, provision, and the natural order as designed with divine care. On the opposite side, "Coffee With My Father" invites you to a personal, peaceful communion with every sip.

Perfect for those reflective mornings or as a comforting gift, this mug is a daily affirmation of faith and joy in the simple wonders of life.

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