This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass

This too shall pass…⁣

These tattooed words served as my constant reminder during a season of darkness...draped across my shoulders and disguising the weight of my world.⁣

Leaning into the mirror every morning, I would stare at them...I felt in my heart and within my soul that this moment would pass.⁣

I was balancing breakdown while waiting for my breakthrough. Amidst the storm, I never thought I would get through that season to feel the warmth of the summer sun. It seemed so far off.⁣

As I sat on my couch, staring into the dark and gloomy skies of another rainy Michigan evening, I was reminded of that storm...the cold relentless clouds that tried to hide the sun. ⁣

We know the sun still shines behind that gloom, but when we don't see it, we sometimes have a hard time believing it's really there...about to break through.⁣

We all have gone through seasons in our lives where we had to trust...longing for the sun to break. Whether it's breaking out of a depressing situation...a medical scare...unemployment...whatever it may be, your breakthrough is coming. ⁣

It may not be right in this moment, but it will come in His timing and in the right season. Many times it's way closer than we think!⁣

So remember friends, whatever season of life you're in or whatever hardship you're facing right now, this too shall pass...and when it does, that sun will shine brighter than you ever anticipated!⁣

Much love and blessings, 


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It will come been here before and it always comes at the right time

Selina Kitler

Amen 🙏🏻

Ana Perez

Thank you. One day the sun will shine through the clouds again for me.

Andrea Lord

Thank you for the wise words.

Priscah Kenosi

Thank you for the wise words.

Priscah Kenosi

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