New Beginnings

New Beginnings

With my eyes fixed on the tall grass blades swaying in the breeze..I sat on my porch overlooking the pond, the summer sun danced its rays on the waters..the wind’s song waking me from the grips of my thoughts...fear of change that was to come.

As I sat on my porch, in & out of halfhearted prayers seemingly drowned in uncertainty..the sun's beam hitting a wave broke my paralyzed thought. My eyes came into focus on something new that danced along that pond..a sign.

Just moments before, I had prayed for guidance..unsure if the major change I took on was the right decision..second guessing myself. Leaving my career behind & starting anew. “God, please let me know I’m doing the right thing...”

Where the lining of the water and sky trailed off that day..a butterfly emerged..fluttering in front of me, lingering, and when I thought it was about to leave me, taking that sweet moment of peace away from me on its wings..something beautiful happened. The butterfly swished past me and settled right onto the praying hands of my angel statue right beside me, and stayed with me awhile. I was left in awe.

Wow..God really holds us in his hands. He sends his angels to watch over us. He grants us rest in times of weary flight. Sometimes all we see is the state we are currently stuck in..the slow moving caterpillar. We don't see an upcoming transformation. The new beginnings God has planned. He gave me a sign that day to instill that butterfly friend.

In every situation, good or bad, we have to turn to him, then trust He will always take care of us. Whether it is leaving a job...a relationship...a change of any sorts, whatever future you may be fearing..just know He is working on your transformation. Don't stop praying.

Have you ever tried to reach out to catch a butterfly?

The opposite happens right? They fly away.

Let's stop trying to make it happen on our own. When we surrender & stand still, the butterfly lands. Stop reaching..surrender to God's will for you.

Stand still in trust & let your new beginnings approach & overtake you..all for the glory of our awesome Creator.

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