Keep Going

Keep Going

I really didn’t know where this road would take me...or what He had in store for me along the way...all I know is He illuminated a path for me to finally see a way out.

I spent a lot of my life trekking in circles through a blackened shadowy forest. Yet somehow I was ignorant of the fact of how dark it really was out there.

Sometimes our journey is filled with gloomy gray clouds, brewing a dark storm. Yet our empty temporary pleasures make it feel like yet another sunny day. But that kind of sunshine isn't warm or real. It's a fake covering of the real darkness we keep choosing to walk into... freely choosing what we want over what God wants. Ignoring Him. We're too busy. We're having too much fun. I'll read the bible tomorrow.

Yet, He’s right there always patiently ready, always longingly waiting to reach out and grab your hand to pull us out of the mess we’ve sunken ourselves into. Shaking off the dirt of this wilderness and setting us on the right path. With His words to guide us and His light to shine on a trail towards redemption.

Our stubborn human ways always trying to do it on our own....or perhaps it’s the guy in me to fail to ask for directions. It’s only when we succumb to knowing that we’ve been following the wrong path of this jungle of a broken world without Him, that we can make it out.

With my tattered and dusted Bible in one hand to serve as my lamp and a compass to guide me out, we have the map towards our Heavenly destination.

Keep going my friends...keep going!

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”~Psalm 119:105

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